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Fanola Energy Shampoo


What it is:
Fanola Energy Shampoo 350ml helps rebuild the hair, preventing hair loss and soothing the scalp at the same time, due to a gentle but powerful formula that includes Rosemary and Nettle Extracts.

What it does:
From changes to the seasons to mental and physical stress, a multitude of factors can lead to excessive shedding and hair loss. But the right ingredients and a gentle formula can help prevent, and even revert, this loss, strengthening the hair in the process. For example, Rosemary Extract is ideal to soothe the skin and purify it from external impurities, while Nettle extract stimulates hair growth, resulting in thicker and more radiant hair strands. Combined into a delicate shampoo formula, these ingredients provide the scalp with a much-needed relief sensation, allowing it to recover from damage while replenishing the hair follicles and roots.

What else you need to know:
Developed especially for weak, fine, and brittle hair, this shampoo is a loyal and successful ally against hair loss, rebuilding the hair from within into a full and dazzling head of hair.

Fanola Energy Shampoo
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