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Framesi Morphosis Purifying Shampoo


What it is:
Specific treatment for removing and combating the reappearance of the microorganisms that cause dry scalp and/or dandruff. With a system of gentle surfactants, this shampoo cleanses while respecting the scalps hydro lipid film, quickly relieves itching and leaves all hair types soft, manageable and well conditioned.

What else you need to know:
Of all the unwelcome disorders affecting hair, dry scalp and/or dandruff causes the greatest discomfort because, as well as itching and irritating, it looks unpleasant on clothing. Treatments to solve dry scalp and/or dandruff will also help restore your customers’ self-esteem. Dandruff can be effectively removed with constant, non-aggressive care that restores the scalp’s hydrolipid balance, purifying it from deposits that prevent oxygenation. Mid-lengths, which tend to become limp and subject to static electricity, are immediately improved and conditioned.

*Packaging may appear different due to brand manufacturer update.

Framesi Morphosis Purifying Shampoo
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