What it is:

GiGi Pro 1 Kit is a complete and professional hair removal system that contains everything necessary to get a perfect wax, whether it be in a salon or right from home. It includes an array of pre & post treatments, waxes, a professional warmer and instructional materials.

What it does:

  • No need to go to the salon again, now you can do all your waxing right at home
  • Complete hair removal system
  • Contains everything a pro stylist needs
  • Features an array of pre and post treatments, lotions, waxes, and a warmer

What else you need to know:

Includes instructional DVD to get you started, 14-ounce English warmer, 14-ounce container ofAll Purpose Honee, 14-ounce container of Facial Honee, 20 petite Spanish applicators, 20 small applicators, 20 large Accu Edge applicators, 50 small Natural Muslin strips, 50 lmall Natural Muslin strips, 4 ounces of Pre Hon, 3.25 ounces of pre epilation dusting powder, 4 ounces of post epilation lotion, 2 ounces of Wax Off, 4 ounces of Pos Wax Cooling Gel, 4 ounces of post wax concealer, 4 ounces of Slow Grow, 4 ounces of Sure Clean, 3 Rest Bars, 10, 14-ounce collars, 1 technical manual, 1 instructional DVD, 1 window decal, 2 facial hair removal strips, 2 body hair removal strips

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Gigi Pro Kit 1
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