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Goldwell Color Remover for Hair

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Goldwell Color Remover for Hair removes the oxidation tints off your hair. The Goldwell System Hair Color Remover provides safe and gentle removal of oxidation tints. Panthenol is the key ingredient to ensure integrity of the hair. Each box contains one application. Quickly and gently removes oxidative (indirect) pigments from the hair without lightening the natural pigments!

Not every hair color removal is necessary due to a mistake. Some clients just like to change their hair color often, and they should be encouraged to do so, because it keeps them coming back for your creativity and expertise. System Hair Color Remover reverses the coupling reaction of the dyes, so they can be gently removed from the hair

Use System Color Remover when:
  • Your client experimented with home hair color
  • The target color has "browned out" due to over-deposit of alkaline color - i.e. existing color is 6B and target color is 6K
  • The color result is darker or more intense than intended
  • The color result is uneven due to inconsistent porosity (Use System Pre-Color to prevent this in the future)
  • Your client wants a seasonal change
  • Your client wants to change color direction

Features & Advantages:
  • Gel consistency for easy application
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Safe and gentle with panthenol
  • Reduces oxidative pigments quickly
  • No lightening of natural pigments

System Hair Color Remover is intended to remove oxidative color only. Therefore, if the original hair color formula contained direct dye pigments, you may only achieve a slight lightening effect

Oxidative hair color removal is most effective immediately after the initial color application.
Removal of unwanted hair color in just 20 minutes
  1. Using an applicator bottle or color bowl, mix all of Lotion 1 and Lotion 2 together. Apply to dry hair. It is not necessary to shampoo prior to application. Use mixture immediately.
  2. Starting with the darkest areas first, apply mixture to selected areas. Gently work product through the hair. Comb to ensure even distribution.
  3. Process 15 - 20 minutes, depending on the degree of removal desired. Over-deposited areas may require additional time for maximum color removal. Processing time may be reduced with the addition of a plastic cap and heat. If using heat, check progress frequently to see if desired removal has been achieved.
  4. After processing is completed, rinse thoroughly. Although dyes are reduced during processing, it is necessary to shampoo the hair several times with an appropriate Goldwell shampoo in order to flush out remaining dyes. Towel dry hair.
  5. Apply approximately 40 ml of Colorance Acid Color lotion or Topchic lotion 10 Volume (3%). This process will reactivate any residual dyes. If the previous color reappears, go back to step 1 and repeat application. If removal is successful, rinse lotion thoroughly. Lightly shampoo and condition the hair with an appropriate Goldwell shampoo and treatment. Do not proceed without removing the lotion completely.
  6. Choose a shade one level lighter than the target color. Proceed with the selected coloring service. A test strand is highly recommended. We recommend using Colorance after a decolorization service
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Goldwell Color Remover for Hair

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