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Goldwell Light Dimensions Soft Color

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What it is:
Soft Color is a semi-permanent color foam formulated with direct dyes which produce intensive, vibrant results. Soft Color can quickly and easily be applied with a variety of application techniques!

What it does:

  • Effectively refreshing color and colored streaks between salon visits.
  • Experimenting with new shades.
  • Blending minimal grey hairs.

What else you need to know:

  • Conditioning color foam based on direct dyes with a pH value of 6.8.
  • Reaches up to 80% of its total color intensity after only 5 minutes.
  • Lasts for 6 - 8 shampoos.
  • Ideal for salon and home use.
  • Brilliant, vibrant color results.
  • Quick and easy application with brush or comb without dripping or skin staining.
  • Even color result on all hair structures.
  • Non-alkaline, non-oxidizing, no ammonia.
  • Soft Color with Panthenol provides volume and elasticity.
  • 125ml can is usually sufficient for 5 - 6 applications.


Goldwell Light Dimensions Soft Color
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