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Goldwell System Pre-Pigmentation

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9019-Copper-2-1-oz, 9019-Gold-2-1-oz
Goldwell System Pre-Pigmentation is a neccessary treatment when base shades have faded or when tinting back more than two levels. This cream color is used to replace the missing color pigments in the hair. For use with any oxidative color, including Topchic and Colorance. Elimates confusion as to which filler to use.

Goldwell System Pre-Pigmentation replaces missing pigments in the hair for superior color results. System Pre-Pigmentation is the ideal pre-treatment for faded base shades or tint-backs more than two levels. Pre-Pigmentation replaces missing pigments with gentle cream color in the directions of gold, copper and red.

Available in a 60 ml tube, containing 2 - 4 application

Use Pre-Pigmentation when:
  • You or your client changes hair color often
  • You or your client's base shade has faded due to environmental stress (UV rays, chlorine, etc.)
  • You or your client wants to go a shade more than two levels darker than the existing one

  • Features & Advantages:
  • Suitable for use with all oxidative colors
  • Cream color base gently replaces missing pigments
  • Durable - contains oxidative and direct dye pigments
  • Three color directions (gold, red, and copper) cover all Topchic, Colorance and Color Plus shades
  • Simple mixing - just add water
  • Easy to apply
  • Requires no additional processing time
  • Pleasant fragrance

  • Click here to view the Goldwell System Pre-Pigmentation Chart.

    Quick, gentle and effective:
  • With System Pre-Pigmentation, it is no longer necessary to pre-pigment with Topchic, Colorance Acid Color or Colorance Soft Color. In fact, results are improved with System Pre-Pigmentation:
  • Non-oxidative dyestuffs enhance color brilliance (compared to pre-pigmentation with Topchic)
  • Oxydative dyestuffs improve durability (compared to pre-pigmentation with Colorance Soft Color)
  • Moderate pH makes it more gentle to the hair (compared to pre-pigmentation with Topchic)
  • Simple steps for better results:
    1. Select the appropriate Pre-Pigmentation shade from the application chart.
    2. Using a Colorance applicator bottle, mix 2 parts water with 1 part Pre-Pigmentation. Shake to emulsify. Apply product immediately.
    3. When using a hair color product that is applied to dry hair (Topchic, Colorance Color Plus), apply pre-pigmentation mixture to dry hair. When using a hair color product that is applied to damp hair (Colorance Acid Color), apply pre-pigmentation mixture to thoroughly towel-dried hair. Blot excess.
    4. Comb through to ensure even distribution. Do not rinse.
    5. Apply the selected hair color product according to directions. After the selected color mixture is applied, comb through to ensure an even color result.
    6. Process as directed.

    1. It is not necessary to pre-pigment the re-growth of dark, untreated hair - doing so may cause color to look too intense
    2. Pre-Pigmentation technology is not compatible with the Elumen hair color technology. Colorists using Elumen should refer to the Elumen Manual.
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    Goldwell System Pre-Pigmentation
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