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got2b Glued Rubber Spiking Cement



Manipulate your hair into flexible spikes with got2b rubber Spiking Cement. Intense hold delivers styles that are pliable yet locked into place until your next shampoo. Don't be controlled by your hair, dominate your style.

Use on towel-dried hair. Squeeze a small amount in your palms, and run hands through hair to evenly distribute. Chill out, you've got time to do it right! This stuff won't get full on hard for 10 minutes! Show your individual style as you desire.

Cool Tip: For x-treme spikes apply to fingertips and pull through hair twisting at the tips. Finish with got2b Spiking Freeze Spray for hair that ain't going no where.

Get a Clue to Remove the Glue: When your 'do is through with glued, we recommend got2b Squeaky Clean Daily Cleansing Shampoo. Provides gentle, yet deep cleansing to d-gunk styling build-up from hair to scalp. Follow with Instantly Satisfied Instant Conditioner.
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got2b Glued Rubber Spiking Cement

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