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Guy Tang #MyDentity Big 9 Creme Lightener


What it is:
Guy Tang #MyDentity Big 9 Creme Lightener lifts up to 9 levels in a single application

What else you need to know:

  • Versatile formula for precise and global application techniques
  • Delivers superior conditioning during the lifting process
  • Protective crème base soothes the scalp & reduces sensitivity
  • Moisturizing agents for optimal protection during & after the lifting process


Mix well 1:1 1/2 with Permanent Developer for global consistency; 1:1 for precision foil or retouch application. On-scalp application: I recommend up to 20 Volume; Off-scalp: Up to 40 Volume. Apply to dry hair. Process for 20-45 minutes. Additional heat is not required.
Guy Tang #MyDentity Big 9 Creme Lightener
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