Head Lice Doctors Lice Prevention Serum

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What is this product?
Prevention serum is made with all natural ingredients. Our exclusive formula helps prevent re-infestation to stop the spread of head lice. The scent of all these combined oils prevents the re-infestation of lice when it is placed on the hair.

More info:
By using just a few drops daily, you can save yourself from going through a very tough process. This product is all natural, and safe to use everyday!

Product Options Available are as follows:
Cartanus, tinctorious sfflower oil, azafrachta lnica oil, melaleuca afferibia, leaf oil, urtica doica nette leaf, extract gerenium maclatu extract, chamonie, reclfa extract, achlea milebium extract, symphyton, offirate extract, salvia offiniais, sage extract, mertha piperta pepermint and essential oil, myrus maius apple oi.
Apply 3 drops of 1 step lice prevention serum to fingertips and massage onto the scalp, behind and over ears, and along neck line. Work through hair and leave in. Longer hair may require additional drops. Shampoo soluble so it's easy to wash out. Apply everyday for greater protection.
Product Options Available are as follows:
Head Lice Doctors Lice Prevention Serum

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