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IT&LY Classic Advanced Color Protection Shampoo

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IT&LY Classic Advanced Color Protection Shampoo

The most technologically advanced hair color protection system
Ingredients guaranteed to significantly reduce hair color fade and protect your hair color investment between salon visits. Natural antioxidants. State of the art UV inhibitors. Rich protein and moisture balanced formula.

ACP Shampoo is a rich, gentle cleansing shampoo. Fortified with a delicate balance of protein and moisture to replenish and strengthen all hair types. Restores natural luster and shine. Fortified with IT&LY's Advanced Color Protection formula to guarantee exceptional color longevity. Ideal for daily use.

IT&LY ACP System grants ultimate protection from the 4 leading causes of hair color fade

1) Shampoo: Because a significant percentage of permanent hair color attaches to the outer cuticle layers of the hair, even the most gentle surfactants (surface cleansing agents in all shampoos) dislodge or loosen hair color pigment. The action is further supported by the use of hot or warm water that is necessary for proper cleansing but softens cuticle layers, leaving them less supportive of color pigment when closing.

2) UV Rays: UV rays are the second most damaging contributor to hair color fade. The entire ACP System contains the most advanced UV filters available to protect against UV fading.

3) Mechanical & Heat Styling: Mechanical and heat styling cause a breakdown of the outer cuticle layers. As a healthy cuticle layer seals and protects color, cuticle abrasion leaves color more vulnerable to each of the remaining three culprits of hair color fade.

4) Improper Choice of Hair Styling Products: A leading and often under-emphasized enemy of hair color. Certain cleansing, conditioning and styling products, while delivering specific benefits, reek havoc on hair color. Waxes, oils, gels, sprays and even specific botanical ingredients can actually strip color from the hair or impede proper color penetration and hold.

Use: Apply to wet hair, massage to rich lather. Leave on 1-2 minutes. Rinse. Follow with IT&LY ACP Conditioner.

5 star rating out of 55.05
IT&LY Classic Advanced Color Protection Shampoo