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Keune Care You Shampoo


What it is:

Meet Keune You — custom haircare. Keune You offers products to customize the hairstylists relationship with you as their client. It’s a bespoke haircare solution for every client, both in the salon and at home. After a personal hair diagnosis by your hairstylist, the ten different hair elixirs offer a whole range of possible care and color maintenance solutions.

What it does:

With over 100 combinations, you get the exact solution you need. Your hairstylist can get to work in the salon immediately or prepare the product for you to use at home.

What else you need to know:

Custom hair care that starts with you- Keune You. 81% of women experience multiple hair concerns. However, only 26% of women find an all-in-one hair product that caters to their needs. That’s where Keune You comes in. Products your hairdresser can customize for each and every hair issue. Best paired with Keune Elixirs

Keune Care You Shampoo
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