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KMS Set - AddPower Shampoo & Moist Style Repair

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What it is:
Add Power Shampoo makes fine, weak hair feel stronger and more resilient with this shampoo! Made with lactic acid,malic acid, quaternium, rice protein and organic white tea extract to support internal reconstruction and even out the hair surface. Maintain's the hair's natural protein balance to keep the hair strengthened and healthy. Moist repair style primer control your style creation process with this style primer. A primer that improves hair structure to build a lasting style foundation with results that last up to 7 washes. Restructures hair both inside and out and is an easy service to use in salon or at home.

Set A Includes:

  • KMS AddPower Shampoo - 10.1 oz
  • KMS Moist Repair Style Primer - 5 oz


KMS Set - AddPower Shampoo & Moist Style Repair
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