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Kracie Hadabisei Revitalizing Facial

Skin / Face / Face Mask

What it is:
Kanebo Kracie Hadabisei Revitalizing Facial Mask & Cream Pack (6 sheets + 1.76oz)

What it does:

  • This pack comes with 5 sheets of Hadabisei Kracie Moisturizing Face Mask (with clearing result), 1 sheet of Hadabisei Kracie Whitening Face Mask and 1.76oz of Hadabisei Kracie Clearing Face Cream.
  • Hadabisei Kracie Moisturizing Face Mask (with clearing result) helps you to prevent dryness, dullness and uneven skin tone caused by daily stress and lack of sleep. It revitalizes and repairs damage skin so that you can have translucent and dewy complexion. This mask contains Glycyrrhizie Acid Derivative, Vitamin C and Green Tea Extract for moisturizing, clearing and rejuvenating results. Can be used 1-2 times a week.
  • Kanebo Hadabisei Kracie Whitening Face Mask contains Natural Collagen (Calotte Essence) and Royal Jelly to hydrate and protect the skin from environmental damages. Fruit Acid brightens and softens the skin for vibrant look.


What else you need to know:
Hadabisei Kracie Clearing Face Cream contains Lemon Extract and Collagen, Chonddroitin and Glucosamine for removing dead skin cells, moisturizing and re-hydrating dry and tired look skin. It can be used day and night.

instruction in the box
  • Mask - After cleansing and toning, put on the mask for 5-15 minutes. Remove it and massage the remaining essence until it is totally absorbed. Follow up with a moisturizer for complete protection. Use 1-2 times a week.
  • Cream - Use it after cleansing and toning as the last step of regimen. If you use it in daytime, apply sunscreen afterwards to protect the skin from UVA/UVB damages.
Kracie Hadabisei Revitalizing Facial

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