With its lightweight formula, this hair mist delivers instant hydration and
manageability without weighing down your hair. It tames frizz and flyaways,
leaving your locks smooth and lustrous all day long. Say hello to salon-worthy
hair, every day.

Suitable for all hair types, this versatile hair mist can be used on both wet and
dry hair. Spray it onto damp hair before styling to prime and protect, or mist
it onto dry hair to refresh and revive your style. Its subtle, yet captivating scent
ensures that your hair smells as good as it looks.

The sleek and compact bottle makes it an essential addition to your handbag,
allowing you to achieve flawless hair on the go. Whether you're heading to
work, a night out, or a weekend getaway, the Label M. Fashion Edition Healthy
Hair Mist is your secret weapon to achieving effortless style.

Part of the Label M. Fashion Edition collection, this hair mist is a collaboration
between Label M. and famous fashion designers. The chic and stylish packaging
reflects the high-fashion inspiration behind this product, making it a statement
piece on your vanity.

Experience the luxurious feel and undeniable benefits of the Label M. Fashion
Edition Healthy Hair Mist. Take your hair game to the next level with this
innovative and must-have hair accessory. Join the ranks of the fashion-forward
and embrace healthy, vibrant hair. Elevate your style and turn heads wherever
you go. Make a statement with Label M. Fashion Edition Healthy Hair Mist.
Label.M Fashion Edition Healthy Hair Mist
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