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Lanza Healing ColorCare Hair Treatment - Step 1


What it is:
To boost color uptake and deposition, Lipophilic Receptors are infused into the hair and affixed to the cortical membrane. These receptors establish color attachment sites within the hair that dramatically increase adherence of color pigments. This advanced technology ensures maximum pigment density per square micrometer for unmatched hair color richness.

What it does:

  • Primes hair fiber to boost color uptake & deposition
  • Creates color attachment sites in hair to improve color adhesion
  • Deposits more pigments per square micrometer
  • Increases color density by 48%
  • Equalizes porosity for more even coverage


Prior to oxidative or direct- dye color service, spray into hair & comb through. Proceed with color service as usual. Will not dilute color or affect hue. Works with any brand of oxidative or direct-dye color.
Lanza Healing ColorCare Hair Treatment - Step 1

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