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Let Me Skin Ultra H2O Modeling Mask - Brightening and Plumping


What it is:
Dull and tired skin? Moisturize, revitalize and combat hyperpigmentation with this water-jelly Ultra-H2O modeling mask. A unique blend of powerful botanical extracts help brighten dark spots and refresh even the most exhausted skin. All the goodness is soaked into skin leaving skin satin-smooth.

What it does:
What are water-jelly masks? This is a modeling mask that helps to lock in moisture. Also known as rubber masks, the gel-like texture thickens to a more rubbery feel as you wear to hold moisture. The water-jelly masks are another kind of modeling mask that has a slightly bouncier and more watery texture making these gentle on skin while getting all the action in. And as all modeling masks do, these masks create a powerful sealant on skin so all the beneficial ingredients are soaked into skin for true spa-grade results. Includes two servings in one pill-case.

What else you need to know:
Appropriate for all skin types

Let Me Skin Ultra H2O Modeling Mask - Brightening and Plumping
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