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L'Oreal Let's Color! Permanent Haircolor (2 oz)


What it is:
Let’s COLOR!™ Permanent Hair Color is a high-impact, multi-dimensional, easy-to-use, conditioning color that lets you say, "I did it myself!" "So easy!" In just 25 minutes, you can create your own customized hair color with 4 simple steps:

STEP 1: Pick your permanent hair color shade. Select from 28 glossy, gelee shades to suit your mood or attitude.

STEP 2: Choose a developer. Do you want traditional or extra-energized lift?

STEP 3: Ramp Up Your Color. Increase your color pop by mixing in one of three High Pigment Color Boosters: Red, Violet or Copper.

STEP 4: Play Up Your Glow. Mix in our Oil Infused Fragrance Booster. It leaves your hair smelling terrific! Put creative control in your hands with Let's COLOR!™

What else you need to know:
Let’s COLOR!™ is a high-impact, multi-dimensional, conditioning Permanent hair color

Glossy gelee shades across 9 tonal families, from foundation naturals to edgy, eye-catching colors

High Pigment Color Boosters allow you to increase your color intensity for instant wow!

Oil Infused Fragrance Booster with Grapeseed and Sunflower Seed oils provides a smooth color application Signature Cherry Blossom fragrance leaves your hair smelling terrific!

Create your unique customized hair color in 4 simple steps

L'Oreal Let's Color! Permanent Haircolor (2 oz)
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