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MoroccanOil Gold Series Truffle Shampoo & Serum

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  • Moroccan Gold Series Truffle Shampoo - 10.14 oz
  • Moroccan Gold Series Truffle Serum - 1.69 oz


What it does:

  • The high-end Truffle Shampoo balances the scalp’s pH level and thoroughly cleanses hair while infusing strands with black truffle extract. Provides hair with an unmatched level of softness and a radiant shine. Promotes scalp and hair health, improving hair elasticity and strength. Enriched with the highest quality natural ingredients, including glycerin, keratin, olive oil and wheat germ oil.
  • The unprecedented Truffle Serum boasts a gorgeous, unique black color that exudes the anti-aging benefits of black truffle. Lightweight formula quickly absorbs in all hair types, leaving hair beautifully manageable, silky and smooth. Rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, proteins, antioxidants and minerals that moisturize hair and give it a lustrous shine. Restores damaged hair and split ends and protects them from the elements.


MoroccanOil Gold Series Truffle Shampoo & Serum
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