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Pravana ChromaSilk Hi Lifts Permanent Creme Haircolor


What it is:
HI LIFTS colors are the ideal choice when you are trying to create light level blondes, without the use of lightener. Because they are permanent color, you can use them on virgin hair for one step lifting and depositing.

What it does:
PRAVANA’s HI LIFTS colors have a higher level of alkalinity than our other permanent colors so can soften the hair more which leads to more lightening of natural pigment.

What else you need to know:
We recommend using these on natural levels 6 or higher. At a level 6 you will expose a natural underlying pigment of orange/yellow. HI LIFTS Violet Blue is equipped with just the right pigments to neutralize those tones and create an ideal blonde. Notice that at a level 5, the underlying pigment will be a deeper, truer orange. HI LIFTS do not contain enough deep blue to counteract that tone. Starting at a level this dark, will result in warmer-than-desired results.

Pravana ChromaSilk Hi Lifts Permanent Creme Haircolor
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