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Reference of Sweden 445 Volume Conditioner Sulfate Free

Hair Care / Treatments & Masques / Volume

What it is:
A Conditioner with botanical extracts of purple viper bugloss seed oil, white mulberry leaf and flax seed, Argan, Tamanu an palm oil.

What it does:
These ingredients drench hair in hydration and volume, with long lasting performance. The conditioner helps combat oiliness so that hair will have more life, volume and manageability.

What else you need to know:
It is comforted by a smooth, supple care and becomes easy to comb. This natural skin care is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. With anti-frizz protection. Free of sulfate and paraben.

Apply the product to damp hair and comb it in with your fingers from the roots to the tips. Leave it around 2 minutes to act on your hair and then rinse it thoroughly.
Reference of Sweden 445 Volume Conditioner Sulfate Free

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