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Satin Smooth Remove It Soak Solution

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What is this product?
The fresh and natural citrus aroma alone will entice you to use our ReMoveIt Soak Sanitizer Solution. This fragrant solution is designed for use with the ReMoveIt Self Cleaning System to effortlessly remove wax residue, as well as clean and sanitize your roller heads and metal implements.

More info:

  • Dissolves and removes wax from used cartridge head rollers
  • Is used with Nice 'N Neat(TM) ReMoveIt Self Cleaning System for cleaning roller heads to eliminate cross contamination; non-toxic
  • 11 oz. refill will clean up to 10 to 12 cycles
  • Environmentally safe, citrus-scented

  • Pour ReMoveIt Soak Sanitizer Solution into ReMoveIt Self Cleaning System to the fill line. Save plastic container for refill of used solution for proper waste disposal.
  • Remove used roller heads from wax cartridge and place in basket. Submerge basket into ReMoveIt Soak Sanitizer Solution, PLACE COVER BACK ON UNIT. Turn unit on to vibrate. Wait 30 minutes for unit to shut off.
  • Pick up basket; shake excess liquid off roller heads and pour clean roller heads into wash pail or sink. Rinse roller heads with antibacterial soap and cool water for 1 minute. This will remove any soak residue. Rinse again with water.
  • Shake off excess water, and let dry overnight. Use ReMoveIt Soak Sanitizer Solution only with Nice 'N Neat roller heads. Remove roller after each cycle.
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    Satin Smooth Remove It Soak Solution

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