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Schwarzkopf BC Repair Arginine Rescue Conditioner


What it is:
Schwarzkopf BC Repair Rescue Arginine Conditioner is a restoring conditioner that revitalizes damaged and dull hair. Suitable for all hair types, this nourishing conditioner instantly revives the hair, improving both shine and manageability. Innovative technology and rich ingredients are the secret to revitalizing dull and damaged hair, as arginine, vegan keratin, and Cell Equalizer Technology join forces to repair up to 3 years of damage. With each application, this restorative product softens and helps detangle damaged hair, reducing breakage by 95%. What's more, its softening formula seals the surface of the hair in order to create healthy-looking shine that lasts. Last, but not least, it's worth mentioning this conditioner's innovative fast-rising formula, which requires 50% less water for rinsing. You'll be done with your hair care routine in no time!

What it does:
Formulated with advanced haircare technology, but without ingredients of animal origin, Repair Rescue is Schwarzkopf Professional's first vegan hair care that restores and repairs damaged hair. The new packaging is also eco-designed: it's fully recyclable, and contains up to 97% recycled plastic.

  • Main benefits: provides care and shine to damaged hair, repairs and restructures the hair at the same time, improves elasticity and facilitates detangling, creates a shiny, healthy appearance;
  • Formulated without: artificial colorants, silicones, ingredients of animal origin.

What else you need to know:
Main Ingredients

  • L-arginine can be found naturally in the hair, as it is one of its essential building blocks. In this formula, arginine helps repair up to 3 years of damage in very dry, dull, and damaged hair;
  • Vegan keratin helps rebuild the hair fiber by refilling gaps where the hair's natural keratin has been damaged. As a result, the hair regains its strength and elasticity;
  • Cell Equalizer Technology provides additional care by repairing the outer layer of the hair. As it restores strength to the hair, it creates a more pliable, softer, and shinier finish.
Schwarzkopf BC Repair Arginine Rescue Conditioner
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