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Scruples Color Art Conditioning Color Gloss

Hair Color & Treatments / Hair Color / Semi & Demi Permanent Hair Color

What it is:
To create your own hair color masterpieces, you need to try Color Art Conditioning Color Gloss. This gloss is available in several color bases that allow for total creative freedom. Take your pick of ultra-vibrant colors like deep purple, cool red, golden blonde, and more.

What it does:
This color gloss deposits color onto your hair in one step. It does not lift the hair, nor does it require a developer. However, you should use it with the Color Art Processing Solution for the best result. You can use this gloss to enhance and lighten your hair color or change its tone (while keeping it at the same natural level).

What else you need to know:
You can apply this color to both pre-lightened and virgin hair. Follow the included instructions to achieve the result you desire.

Scruples Color Art Conditioning Color Gloss
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