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Scruples Menz 5 Min Haircolor

Men / Men's Hair

What it is:
For a quick, natural hair color change in just 5 minutes, try Menz 5 Minute Hair Color. It’s a one-step permanent hair dye that gives you the most natural color result. Choose from several shades, like light brown, dark blonde, neutral, and “clear” to make the other shades more transparent.

What it does:
This hair dye deposits hair color pigment onto your hair strands without the use of a developer. It is not formulated to lift the hair. You can also use it on your beard or mustache to darken your hair or cover up grays.

What else you need to know:
The dye is ammonia-free, so it is non-damaging. Use it according to the included instructions for the best results. After use, your hair will look and feel thicker.

Scruples Menz 5 Min Haircolor
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