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Sexy Hair Organics Styling Creme

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Sexy Hair Organics Styling Creme is a body-creating light styling Creme that tames frizzy hair while providing it with extra moisture. Infused with a fragrance that contains Pureganic (More.) USDA Certified essential oils and a combination of aloe vera juice, organic goji berry extract, organic avocado extract and organic sunflower oil. Made with 75% organic ingredients.


  • Creates body and adds moisture
  • Helps control frizz
  • Made with 75% organic ingredients

    Tips: Apply to damp hair from roots to end and blow dry. Can also be applied to dry hair.

    Going green has never been so sexy or luxurious! Sexy Hair is proud to introduce Sexy Hair Organics, a complete line of organic products that's safe for the environment and fabulous for the hair. The Sexy Hair Organics collection includes products with up to 95% organic ingredients and formulas that are paraben, petrochemical, dye and sulfate free. Plus, all scented products are infused with a fragrance that combines mimosa, lily and sage and contains USDA Certified Pureganic extracts- essential oils that are cultivated in accordance with strict ecological European guidelines.

    Staying true to the company's commitment to making some of the industry's best products, Sexy Hair has created an authentically green line of daily hair care products, treatments and stylers with the most organic ingredients possible. Sexy Hair is in the process of attaining the seals of both the USDA and OASIS and has worked diligently to meet the strict guidelines of the two organizations, which not only regulate products but also the facilities in which they are manufactured. Sexy Hair is the first in the professional salon industry to qualify for these rigorous certification processes. The "green" doesn't end with the products themselves.

    The Sexy Hair Organics packaging is made of 25 to 35% post-consumer recycled material and is 100% (More.) recyclable! The result? An amazing line of truly organic products that sets Sexy Hair apart from the rest.

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  • Sexy Hair Organics Styling Creme

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