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Zotos Warm And Gentle Acid Perm For Normal Hair


What it is:
Gives firmer, stronger, longer-lasting curl. Creates body, volume, resilient curls. Faster, gentler processing.

What it does:
Warm and Gentle Perm combines a true acid perm with an exothermic neutralizer for faster, longer-lasting and natural-looking styles. A true acid perm.

What else you need to know:
Warm and Gentle Regular perm yields supple, natural waves and body. The gentle waving lotion and dryer-activated processing improves curl formation efficiency and reduces perm odor. The exothermic neutralizer delivers improved after-perm conditioning to create body, volume and resilient curls while replenishing the hair’s natural moisture/protein balance.

Zotos Warm And Gentle Acid Perm For Normal Hair