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BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend - 10 Piece Brush Set

Makeup & Skin / Tools / Makeup Brushes

What it is:
An artist is only as good as her tools, and our 10-piece Sculpt and Blend Brush Set is the ultimate toolkit for foolproof contouring, shading and illuminating your features.

What it does:
The elegant black and gold, dual-fiber collection - specially crafted for applying liquids, creams and powders - includes five face brushes and five detailing brushes, making it easy to define your jawline, slim your nose, and create killer cheekbones, as well as highlight around eyes, fake fuller lips, and blend for a soft, seamless look. You're ready for your close-up!

What else you need to know:
Cruelty Free Synthetic Brushes!

Brush Care : Makeup brushes can develop a lot of dirt and bacteria, but regular care and cleansing of your makeup brushes can keep them and your face clean and healthy. Keeping your brushes in good condition by washing them regularly will provide you with brushes that will last longer without the need to replace them. Here are some tips on how to clean your makeup brushes. 1. Using the BH Studio Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner, spray onto a tissue or directly onto the brush hairs and lightly stroke the brushes across the tissue. Repeat by spraying the hairs again if necessary until there is no remaining color left on the tissue. Make sure the brush hairs are always pointing downward - this will help prevent any liquid from getting into the ferrule (metal part) or down into the handle for brushes that don't have ferrules. Rinsing with water is not required. 2. After you have thoroughly cleansed your brush, gently brush them on a clean tissue or paper towel to remove any excess brush cleaner. Lay them on a paper towel, tissue or regular towel to dry on their side. At this point, it's a good idea to reshape the brush to prevent splaying. Lay kabuki brushes and any other stand-up brush on their side. Never let them dry with brush hairs up in a brush holder. The liquid can run down into the ferrule and over time will break down the glue holding the brush together. 3. Lastly, let brushes dry completely before using. Dry time will vary, depending on size and brush density.

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BH Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend - 10 Piece Brush Set