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Lucido-L Hair Wax Creamy Curl

Hair Care / Styling & Finishing / Pomade, Pastes, Wax

What it is:
Use Lucido-L Hair Wax Nuance Design to give movement to hair tips and bangs while holding the hair style. Easy to integrate and with great holding power, Lucido-L Hair Wax washes out easily. Fresh scent is released only when styling.

What it does:
Cream type hair wax for a soft healthy look with permed or curled hair.

What else you need to know:
Non sticky and holds hair style in place. This formula also includes hyaluronic acid which works to keep moisture in the hair shaft for a soft finish.

Spread a small amount onto palms and between fingers. Replace cap after use.
Product Options Available are as follows:
Lucido-L Hair Wax Creamy Curl

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