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Saryna Key Shea Color Lasting Gloss Spray

Hair Care / Styling & Finishing / Hairsprays (aerosol)

What it is:
The Color Lasting Gloss Spray is an advanced formula designed to intensively repair, treat and fundamentally rehabilitate your hair. The treatment is produced from Shea butter that contains high concentrations of vitamins A, E, F, amino acids and natural keratin, this combination creates a unique complex that restores the interior of the hair shaft.

What it does:
The treatment's natural keratin provides the hair with unique softness, supreme flexibility and an shine, while the amino acids help the hair produce new proteins which instantly soften and nourish it.

What else you need to know:
For use on: Dyed lightened normal to dry hair.

Apply the spray evenly to damp and massage in gently with the fingers.
Saryna Key Shea Color Lasting Gloss Spray
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