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Scruples Blazing High Lights Blue Oil Lightener


What it is:
Scruples Blazing Highlighting & Color System Blue Oil Lightener is a part of the new oil highlight system, one of the most popular hair-care treatments available. With the blazing system, stylists can customize the coloring mixture to ensure flawless and long-lasting results. One of the best features of this system is that color is reached without double-process bleach and tone highlights, and allows for processing with or without heat to minimize damage.

What else you need to know:

  • Lifts up to 7 levels through natural or color treated hair and deposits permanent haircolor in a single process
  • Contains Scruples exclusive Protective Barrier Complex (PBX®), which protects the dye molecule and deposits color deep into hair while conditioning and creating incredible shine


Scruples Blazing High Lights Blue Oil Lightener
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