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Sukesha Natural Balance Hair Wash & Conditioning Rinse

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What it is:
Wash - Sukesha Natural Balance hair wash is a gentle, rich and daily usable that uses our exclusive amino acid base surfactant system to gently cleanse, impart sheen and maintain the natural balance of nutrients in your hair.

Rinse - Sukesha Conditioning Rinse is designed to condition your hair, remove tangles and close the cuticle.

What it does:
Wash - Contains natural amino acids, saccharides, lactates and protein moisturizers to remove tangles and prevent damage caused by excessive stretching during wet combing - without the usual limp and oily feeling associated with so called "moisturizers".

Rinse - A sun-screening agent has been added to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Sukesha Natural Balance Hair Wash & Conditioning Rinse
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