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Wella Color Fresh Semi-Permanent Color


What it is:
Refresh your existing color or try out a completely new hue with Wella Color Fresh Semi-permanent liquid hair color. It’s a gentle temporary dye that imparts natural color and fades with every wash. It’s true-to-shade and comes in specific color combinations, like “medium blonde/intense red” and “light blonde/natural gold.”

What it does:
This semi-permanent dye does not lift the hair - it changes the color of the hair strands by depositing color molecules on the hair’s outer cuticle.

What else you need to know:
Since the color does not penetrate the strands, it is gentler on the hair than other hair dyes- it even conditions your strands, leaving them shiny and soft after coloring. You can use it after any coloring service or even after chemical straightening.

Wella Color Fresh Semi-Permanent Color
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