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BBcos Meristema Hair Detox Hydra System Shampoo


What it is:
Hydra System, Maritimum Crithmum stem-cell shampoo, is specifically designed for a delicate action on the skin, able to deeply hydrate the hair and enrich its texture with natural amino acid-based surfactants.

Active Ingredients:

  • Disodium cocoyl glutamate, a highly delicate surfactant, naturally compatible with both the skin and hair fibers, it promotes cosmetic colour retention.
  • Betaine (INCI: Betaine), extracted from sugar beet, it protects the cells from environmental stress and is designed to combat dehydration.
  • Lauroyl Iysine, an ingredient with water-proof and emollient properties, it performs an extreme hydrating action without weighing the hair down, helping combing and reducing the static effect.
  • Bamboo charcoal (INCI: Charcoal powder), famous for its detoxifying and sebum regulating properties.


BBcos Meristema Hair Detox Hydra System Shampoo
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