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Chi Bond & Seal Hemp & Aloe Hair Treatment


What it is:
Developed to be used as a complete system, now stylists are able to offer hair lightening and color services without sacrificing the integrity of clients’ hair while offering scalp protection at the same time. CHI BOND+ Lightening System includes Bleach & Shine along with Bond & Seal with natural bonders to help strengthen and protect bonds before, during and after color or lightening services. Ideal for extreme level lifting and color corrective processes. Hair color goals are reached and hair and scalp are protected and left in better condition than before processing.

What it does:
CHI BOND & SEAL is natural bonder that strengthens and protects the hair and scalp during color or lightening services. Hemp is high in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients to keep the hair strong and nourished while Aloe Vera’s conditioning and soothing properties kee...

Chi Bond & Seal Hemp & Aloe Hair Treatment
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