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Dermovia AgeFix Waterless Facial Dry Mask


What it is:
Discover the Dermovia DRY Mask collection empowered by patented technology, which includes an active ingredient delivery system that allows the steady release of actives and infuses them into the epidermis. Our waterless, dry masks are highly concentrated in 86-97% active ingredients to bring visible and lasting results in just minutes.

What it does:
Each dry mask starts with our exclusive, non-woven, 2 way stretch fabric and our unique loop system for optimal formula infusion. Each mask may be used two times. AgeFix formula contains 86% of active ingredients. Firms, lifts and smoothes.

What else you need to know:
One mask may be used twice as the lack of water prevents any built up of bacterias.

Dermovia AgeFix Waterless Facial Dry Mask
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