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Giovanni 2 Chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Repairing Shampoo


What it is:
Gorgeously restore vibrancy. Drench every strand from roots to ends in a rich compound of omega-3 and -6 that's filled with super antioxidants. Strengthen your hair with our exclusive dual repairing complex, an essential blend bursting with antioxidant power that combines freshly ripened blackberries and the sweet delicate nectar of coconut milk. Energize each strand by drenching hair in protection and moisture, restoring tresses from damage. Nurture your hair with a fusion of the highest antioxidant filled superfoods. This ambrosia of intoxicating deliciousness will give you the ultimate repairing experience leaving hair with the strongest cross of nutrition and replenishment. No more dry or damaged hair, re-create sexy locks - rediscover the existence of 2chic for hair that looks and feels flawless.

What else you need to know:

  • Repair and renew youthful vibrancy
  • Hydrates and seals tresses
  • Gently wraps each strand to protect from damage
  • Eliminates frizz, color safe
  • Lauryl and laureth sulfate-free
  • For damaged, over processed hair


Giovanni 2 Chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Repairing Shampoo
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