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Inebrya Blondesse Blonde Miracle Shampoo


What it is:
Inebrya Blondesse Blonde Miracle Shampoo

What it does:
Blonde Miracle Shampoo is a colour maintenance treatment, a true concentration of beauty for a perfect blonde. It gently cleanses the hair hydrating it deeply.

What else you need to know:
The cosmetic colour will immediately be brighter, shinier and longer-lasting, preserving its pep over time. The hair is soft to the touch, silky and pleasantly scented. Its precious formula is enriched with Cocoa Oil and Aloe Vera, with deep hydrating properties. The 300 ML format performs an anti-pollution action protecting the hair fibre from external agents. The 1000 ML format contains chelating agents, mixtures that limit the hardness of water, i.e. the activity of metallic ions. The main are calcium, magnesium, as well as chlorine, sulphates, iron, copper and lead. It is Vegan, without silicone, SLS, parabens and paraffin

Inebrya Blondesse Blonde Miracle Shampoo
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