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Inebrya Blondesse No-Orange Mask


What it is:
Inebrya Blondesse No-Orange Mask

What it does:
No-Orange Mask is a sealing and acidic pH conditioning treatment to detangle, nourish and hydrate the hair, neutralizing orange-copper tones and providing softness and shine. Ideal on tones 6-7.

What else you need to know:
Its particular formula is enriched with a very pure concentration of Extra-Blue Pigment. By leveraging its innovative technology, the pigment deeply penetrates and settles between the hair scales and cuticles. In this way, the neutralising effect is immediate. Black Carbon helps cleanse out and purify the hair, aiding it to protect itself from pollutants. The hair will immediately look light and fluffy. As a result of their Rasveratrol, Polyphenols and Vitamin C contents, the extracts of Bilberry, Raspberry and Blackberry help prevent the oxidative stress of the hair. The colour looks revived and shiny, even after a technical service. Vegan-friendly, sulphate- and surfactant-free.

Inebrya Blondesse No-Orange Mask
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