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Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Coloring Creme


What it is:
Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Coloring Crème makes color-correction easy! It’s a demi-permanent color creme that’s available in 3 vibrant shades: red, copper, and gold.

What it does:
The demi-permanent dye deposits pigment on top of the hair strands. It should be used immediately before coloring with Kenra Color Demi-permanent or Permanent hair color. This cream should be mixed with water to enhance its texture and achieve the right level of oxidation.

  • Use Red before applying red or violet shades. It’s also great to use when coloring back using natural shades (levels 1-3).
  • Use Copper before applying copper shades. It’s also useful when coloring back using medium natural shades (levels 3-6).
  • Use Gold before applying golden shades. You can also use it when coloring back using light natural shades (levels 6-8).


What else you need to know:
Leave the color on your hair for approximately 10 minutes.

Kenra Color Pre-Pigment Coloring Creme
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