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Kerastase Homme Capital Force Sculpting Fixing Gel

Men / Men's Hair
Kerastase Homme Capital Force Sculpting Fixing Gel

Capital Force styling products respect the hair capital by not becoming aggressors to hair loss. They provide hold without being sticky or hard to remove. Capital Force products feature the most advanced technologies available to help protect hair capital by creating the optimal environment for healthy hair growth. They combat some of the most common aggressors to hair thinning in men and leave hair looking and feeling thicker, stronger, and refreshed.

Tailored Technology: Systeme Taurine

  • Taurine is an amino acid that helps to fight against the hardening of the collagen network around the bulb, one of the main factors of premature hair loss.
  • D-Biotine is a vitamin known for its inhibiting effect on the presence of a specific enzyme responsible for male hair loss.
  • Ceramide and Arginine fortify, protect, and add substance to the fiber for stronger, healthier hair.
  • Use: Works best on dry hair. Quickly work through the hair or use to define individual sections.

    Kerastase Homme Capital Force Sculpting Fixing Gel

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