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Liqwd Hydrating Conditioner

Hair Care / Conditioner / Dry & Damaged
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What it is:
Whether your hair damage is due to a flat iron addiction or one too many highlighting sessions, it's easily remedied with this restorative conditioner.

What it does:
You don't have to be a science whiz to appreciate LiQWd's Nano-Hydrasphere moisturizing complex, which helps nourish each individual strand. Sweet almond oil, rich in fatty acids, acts as a deep conditioner, while heroic shea butter and jojoba seed oil smooth away roughness. Finally, banana extract infuses hair with fortifying vitamins and minerals.

What else you need to know:
The rich formula uses Nano-Hydrasphere technology to go deep into the hair shafts and repair damage. It'll give your fried stands a reality television-quality makeover.

5 star rating out of 55.02
Sweet Almond Oil - Extracted from cold pressing almonds; moisturizes and conditions; helps cells balance moisture loss and absorption; rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that bring elasticity and softness to dry hair; rich in potassium, important for regulation of water balance in cells
  • Shea Butter - A plant lipid known for extraordinary emollient properties; prevents moisture evaporation; allows cells to repair and regenerate; combats surface roughness and dryness
  • Jojoba Seed Oil - Extracted from the seeds of the desert shrub; softens, smoothes and conditions
  • Banana Extract - Naturally relaxes, softens, rejuvenates and moisturizes; contains a high concentration of nourishing vitamins and minerals
  • Squeeze excess water from freshly washed hair. Apply Hydrating Conditioner from ends to roots. Leave on 1-3 minutes. Rinse well.
    Liqwd Hydrating Conditioner

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