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Mastey Fixe Light Thickening Hairspray

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Mastey Fixe Light Finishing Spray allows for maximum versatility in styling. Keeps style in place all day while providing exceptional shine, hold and root lifting. Contains our new generation of water based polymers. Will not build-up or weigh down the hair.

Fix© Light Hair Spray forms structured styles while delivering superior support to root lift. Fixes curls, locks and shapes into place with a fine, weightless mist. Contains sunscreens for added hair color protection. Won't build up and washes out easily. Contains anhydrous (waterless) alcohol for faster drying.

Offers instant hold and shine to your hair style, even in humid climates, for all-day support. Does not dry the hair, stick, build-up or flake-off. Maintains exceptional hold even after multiple brushing. Fix© can also be used for root lifting and finger styling. It provides an extra margin of hold whenever needed. Because Fix© contains our new generation of water-soluble styling polymers, it can be re-activated with Designer Liquid Mousse, or with water, to be re-worked for easy re-styling. Permits easy styling and re-spraying without build-up.

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Mastey Fixe Light Thickening Hairspray

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