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Mastey Restore Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Hair Care / Shampoo / Dry & Damaged
Mastey Restore Sulfate-Free Shampoo adds superb shine and manageability. Ideal for tinted or bleached hair since it effectively controls excess sebum. Contains no ammonium or sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates. Restore bleached and damaged hair. This nutrient-rich cream shampoo strengthens and protects bleached or damaged hair with an infusion of rice protein reinforced with cystine.

Our unique and gentle sulfate-free cleansing system treats your hair as gently as you would treat your skin. Restore softness, shine and health to leave hair manageable. Contains no polyethoxylated detergents, sodium or ammonium laureth sulfate, sulfusuccinates, sarcosinates, glucosides or polystyrenes. This makes it ideal as a head-to-toe cleanser that leaves both the hair and skin soft and supple.

Helps soothe irritated scalps, especially after chemical services. Fatty acids found in the scalp are essential for the health of hair and skin. Yet, some people produce more sebum than others. Those who comb, brush, massage or use other tactile means to move their hair around tend to push the oil through the hair, creating a greasy, limp look. Teens may exhibit oily conditions due to puberty, and greasy hair may contribute to some forms of acne on the face and neck. In adults, such conditions are often caused by using the incorrect products on their hair and scalp. Shampooing with inappropriate products that deplete the hair and skin of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) requires that the oil-producing mechanism be replenished.

These frequently misunderstood conditions lead people with oily hair and scalp to often purchase drying shampoos to eliminate excess oil. But this only addresses the symptoms. Restore addresses the problem. It is Mastey????s breakthrough solution to oiliness, by helping to regulate overactive sebaceous glands to erase all signs of oiliness.

Mastey Restore Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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