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Naked Glow Eau de Lift - One Step Cleansing, Toning, & Exfoliating Water

Skin / Face / Moisturizer
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Naked Glow Eau de Lift is a One Step Cleansing, Toning, & Exfoliating Water. Quickly cleanses, removes make-up, lifts impurities, gently exfoliates, and tones the skin all in one easy step without changing the pH balance of the skin. Instantly refreshes and revitalizes the skin providing a radiant glow.

The essence of Grapefruit Water, high in anti-oxidants, naturally cleanses pores and exfoliates dead skin cells for a refreshing healthy, glow. Grapefruit water is biocompatible to our own human skin, as it contains the same type of water our bodies have. Thus it is more easily absorbed into the skin. The water is obtained through the flash distillation of fresh grapefruit juice.

LaraCare® is a natural, mild, non-irritating, readily biodegradable water soluble polymer, extracted from North American Larch trees. Promotes healing and calms the skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as a stand-alone, primary cell exfoliator having AHA exfoliation replacement efficacy without irritation. Reduces transepidermal water loss (aids in moisturization). Provides skin tightening and an instant skin radiance. An independent study announced galactoarabinan, an active ingredient in LaraCare®, can decrease signs of age on the skin. The eight-week study showed LaraCare® reduced fine lines and wrinkles by 19 percent. Researchers also reported a significant improvement in skin texture, dryness, clarity, elasticity and uniformity of pigment.

Directions: Spray onto a cotton pad and wipe onto face and neck. Use twice daily for maximum results. Use in the morning before make-up application morning and in the evening to remove make-up. Can also be sprayed directly onto the face for a cooling refresher.

Naked Glow Eau de Lift - One Step Cleansing, Toning, & Exfoliating Water

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