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Patrick Mcivor Your Colorist's Favorite Brush

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What it is:
Designed for trench work in the salon and keeping hair in great shape at home, this ionically charged brush with tourmaline crystal complex infused pins just makes hair better.

What it does:
With heat resistant "Professional Style" nylon pins that are infused with Tourmaline Crystal Complex, a unique natural crystal material that when combined with heat emits negative ions which polishes the hair creating a sleeker cuticle, more shine and less frizz. And it just gets better because the Tourmaline Crystal Complex effect causes the outer layers of the hair to become tighter and hair dries faster. The decreased drying time, heat damage is greatly reduced resulting in healthier and shinier hair.

What else you need to know:
Recommended for detangling wet hair, removing moisture before glazing and creating a soft sleek surface when finishing, this brush you can't live without if you have hair or work with hair.

Patrick Mcivor Your Colorist's Favorite Brush

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