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Phyto Phytoaxil Thinning Hair Treatment

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Phyto Phytoaxil Thinning Hair Treatment combines 2 patented botanical active ingredients that works both on the hair bulb and its surrounding area to help combat the appearance of hair thinning and encourage hair growth. The product was named after the first active ingredient, Phytoaxil, a patented and 100% plant-based substance.

Its anti-free radical and soothing action helps combat cellular peroxidation and inflammation that modify the peribulbar environment and the quality of its exchanges with the hair bulb. The action of Phytoaxil is inseparable from that of the equally patented Solanum Glycoproteins. This botanical active ingredient works like a type of "growth factor", helping stimulate cellular metabolic activity as well as cellular division of keratinocytes. A clinical study conducted with the help of videotrichgram demonstrated the effectiveness of Phytoaxil against hair thinning in 86% of cases.

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Phyto Phytoaxil Thinning Hair Treatment
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