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Schwarzkopf BC Tocopherol Clean Balance Deep Cleansing Shampoo


What it is:
Schwarzkopf BC Clean Balance Deep Cleansing Tocopherol Shampoo is a vegan and sulfate-free cleansing solution that proves to be efficient when removing all types of residues from the hair. In fact, although gently, the Clean Balance Shampoo cleans both scalp and strands on a deep level. Therefore, by eliminating product build-up and other particles, this shampoo is perfect to prepare the hair for chemical treatments.

What it does:
In addition to this, the Clean Balance Shampoo contains Tocopherol, an anti-pollution agent that successfully fights free radical damage. This ingredient has the ability to form a protective coating layer on the hair fiber and, like so protect it from pollution build-up.

What else you need to know:
Lastly, the Clean Balance Shampoo comes in eco-designed packaging that is fully recyclable and contains up to 97% recycled plastic.

Schwarzkopf BC Tocopherol Clean Balance Deep Cleansing Shampoo
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