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Super Teased Hair Make Me High 4-1 Instant Height

super-teased-hair-make -me-high-4-1-instant-height

What it is:
The 4-in-1 instant height spray allows you to have long lasting big voluminous hair up to 48 hours. The only spray of its kind that has 4 different options to create height and lift.

What else you need to know:

  • Make me High is a mousse, texturizer, dry shampoo, holding and finishing hairspray in one. It’s the only spray on the market that can replace all your hair products in one single bottle.
  • Anti humidity
  • Leaves behind no residue or flakes
  • Forms the ideal base to hold your backcomb without being sticky or hard.
  • When heated the active ingredients work to give you extreme body and lift
  • Ideal for holding curls in the most difficult hair types
  • Suited for any hair type/colour
  • Colour safe
  • Sulfate, paraben, phthalate free


Super Teased Hair Make Me High 4-1 Instant Height

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