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Tony Moly Megatox Moist Shot Ampoule Mask


What it is:
Give your skin a shot of hydration with our Megatox Ampoule Mask! Just one shot will help to boost skin to the next level with our microcell sheet soaked in highly concentrated dermatologist-grade ampoule.

What it does:
Moist Shot - Contains triple Hyaluronic Acid for healthy-looking and intensely hydrated skin.

What else you need to know:
Our Megatox Ampoule Masks are made with thin, microfiber cellulose, our microcell sheet mask not only adheres closely to the face, but it makes it easier for the skin to absorb the ampoule’s hydration and nutrients.

  • Peel back the back of the packaging and unroll the sheet mask.
  • Adhere the mask over the face and wait 15-20 mins for the ampoule to completely absorb into the skin.
  • Remove the mask and pat the remaining ampoule into the skin.
Tony Moly Megatox Moist Shot Ampoule Mask

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