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Zerran Reform Activator Treatment


What it is:
Unlike traditional straightening or smoothing products, which rely on chemicals to break curl bonds, Reform relies on specific high heat to activate the permanent internal change from curly to straight.

What it does:
Vegan proteins are derived from corn and soy, broken down to extremely small pieces. These protein particles are then small enough to penetrate into the hair shaft, permanently filling gaps created when the disulfide curl bonds are broken by heat. The high, specific heat opens the cuticle temporarily, allowing the proteins into the hair shaft. For this reason, a specific Zerran Reform-approved flatiron must be used.

What else you need to know:
Reform Activator is pH 4.5-5.5, so no chemical neutralization is needed. The product is only heat-activated, so neutralization occurs when the hair cools. For this same reason, no gloves or protective balms are needed.

Zerran Reform Activator Treatment
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